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Interest Rate Essay

Interest Rate Essay Interest Rate Essay Financial Planning 4.2 The amount of capital I will need to start up JB Fitness is  £9000. I will need to take out a bank loan of  £5000 and  £1000 from my sleeping partners. I will also be contributing capital be putting in  £3000 of owners capital. This is the way I will obtain the money, especially as in the first year of running, there are many expenses such as payment for gym equipment, computers, desks etc from looking at my cash flow forecast. By having some capital invested into the business it will help paying the cash outflows, which shall reduce the amount of dept significantly in year one as the cash outflow and much more higher than the inflows. This is way the capital from the bank loan, owner’s investment and sleeping partners will help balance the cost and reduce the net cash flow. I will obtain the  £5000 in a form of a short term loan from HSBC, which is payable over the first year of running JB Fitness so they can clear their depts and focus on increasing profit margins. 4.3 The cash flow forecast from year one to year three shows that the closing bank balance in December was increasing significantly. In year one, the closing bank balance for year one was  £21,826, year two was  £54,303 and in year three was  £66,744. This shows that from year one to year three the closing bank balance for December had increased by  £44,918, which shows that year upon year my closing balance was increasing that mean that I had high amount of capital to take over to the new year. In year one the reason as to why my net cash flow was -13,985 was because of high expenses made in January as the outflows made were very costly. For example, paying for gym equipment, computers, chairs, desks etc. as my net cash flow in January for year one was showed minus figures meant than my cash outflows were higher than my cash inflows, however this was expected due high start-up costs. In year two my cash outflows were reduced considerately to a low amount, as there were no start up costs and minimum expenses such as payment for stock, wages, rent, gas and electricity, website etc. This meant that for each month in year two there was a higher net cash monthly flow in comparison to year because of lower cash outflows. For example, in year one for December the net cash monthly was  £538 and in year two for December it was  £1,343, which had increased by  £807 in year two. In year three, the closing balance for December was  £66,744, which shows the capital remaining i n the bank was outstandingly good because the closing balance from year two to year three had increased by  £12,441 for December. This shows that the overall cash flow position was improving from year one to three as the net cash monthly flow was increasing rapidly, which indicates that the cash inflows were greater than the cash outflows which shows great importance. 4.4 From analysing the profit and loss accounts from year one to year three, I can confirm that the profit from year one to year three are increasing which suggested that JB Fitness have made a significant amount of profit to survive. In year, there was a lower amount of profit being made in comparison to year two and three. The net profit made in year one was  £12,848 whereas in year two the net profit made was  £54,325. The reason as to why there was a smaller amount of net profit being made in year one was because of the long list of costly expenses such as gym equipment, Jacuzzi, showers etc. In year two the net profit made is almost five times as much net profit made in year one, which shows that JB Fitness profit was increasing. In year one, the sales revenue made was  £156,220 and in year two, the sales revenue made was  £171,988. Form year one to year two the sales revenue increased by  £15,768. In year three the net profit made was  £66,766, which shows that the net profit was increasing year upon year as it increased by  £12,441 from year two to year three. In addition, the sales revenue in year three was

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Ethics Case Study Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Ethics Case Study Paper - Essay Example This is to be able to keep up with the standards and the basis of the economy. A socialist economy has a different set of value than a free economy. A socialist economy is focused more on equality while a free economy is more on individuality and independence. Business makes decisions based on a utilitarian perspective. Economics assume that humans make decisions based on their rational self-interest, which increases their individual values and utility. This is the same with businesses. Since economics studies and analyzes efficiency of using limited resources to achieve maximum satisfaction and benefits based on the economy’s wants and needs, businesses look for results that will increase their productivity and generated income. Though rational decisions may change on the given circumstances, the perspective of a business remains the same, to gain revenue and to increase productivity. Ethics and social norms are the factors that tends to hold back businesses in greedily assuming all values and profits they can get with the limited resources that the environment has and can produce. Ethics are the guidelines by which businesses consider when taking on projects or developing projects. The accompanying changes in ethical standards and considerations of different economies can be seen on how China, U.S. and Jamaica faced economic changes. Chinese business culture is based on the perspective of Confucianism and Maoism, which focuses on moral principles and standards. Jamaica, on the other hand, was willing to open its doors to capitalism, aiming to rise above from their colonial status. With this, Jamaica is more open to a capitalist structured norms and values, which is being open, free and independent. Thus, Jamaica shows a lower uncertainty avoidance showing that they are open to risks and challenges. U.S. being a proponent of capitalism and democracy has values set on individualism and independence. But all being part of the global

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Is the Anglo-American special relationship an equal relationship Essay

Is the Anglo-American special relationship an equal relationship - Essay Example The term had its roots in the shared values, common language and historical experiences. The term provided that the two countries were to collaborate in the fight against a common enemy and pursue of common objectives together. The Anglo-American co-operation also discouraged the American manipulation of the British economic weakness. It also helped to manage the mismatch between Britain’s overseas capabilities and commitments. The Anglo-American treaty meant that US was to tolerate the British discriminatory practices such as support for British established overseas interest, the sterling Area and allow the British policy makers to abandon their unsustainable territories without US viewing Britain as a weak country (Dorey 2005, p.73). The aspiration of the Anglo-American relationship seemed unrealistic after the Second World War. This was because of the loan given to UK by US during the Second World War, severe differences over the Palestine question, the unbridled pursuit of international free trade by US, and betrayal in the nuclear research. The reaffirmation of the special relationship between the two countries enabled Britain to regain some of its lost influence in Washington. The relationship created opportunities to for UK to harness Americans powers. the British and US took a central role in the structuring of post war international order by creating institution such as the UN security council, the Bretton Wood system, the NATO and the GATT. The mutual economic interdependence strengthened the partnership between UK and US. For example, the sterling become the reserve currency for the Bretton woods system, America surpassed Australia as the British biggest export market in the year 1956. The Anglo-American economic relation was also crucial in the subordination of the multilateralism enforcement to the western world by US (Dorey 2005, p.74). The central agenda in the Anglo-American co-operation was the defense alliance, which involved the sharin g of military technology and intelligence. For example, the US Atomic Energy act restored the nuclear relationship curtailed by the McMahon Act. Britain also accessed the US key to controversial bases and facilities in the homeland and the Polaris submarine base (Dorey 2005, p.74). Britain also benefited a lot from the Anglo-American relationship during the cold war. America provided several economic relief and the Britain transferred unsustainable territories of Greece and turkey. This was important for the two nations as US was British greatest friend and it helped to maintain the impression of the Anglo-American solidarity. America was the power capable of supporting the British interest, and Britain’s international status relied on the American willingness to treat Britain as a partner in their relationship (Dorey 2005, p.74). The Anglo-American relationship played a crucial role in Britain’s international policy during the Second World War. During this period, Bri tain needed to win US sympathy and material aid so as to survive, especially after the fall of France in July 1940. After 1940, the propaganda about Britain’s ailing economy spread in North America. This made Britain seek financial aid from US president, Franklin Roosevelt in the form of a ‘lend’ lease programme to finance it war programmes (Addison

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IEEE Technical paper based on 1597.1 standard in Electromagnetic Lab Report

IEEE Technical paper based on 1597.1 standard in Electromagnetic compatibility - Lab Report Example To achieve this, we performed a series of shielding effectiveness (SE) tests for a board level shielding product with different apertures by means of a reverberation chamber. An analytical shielding effectiveness formulation has been developed in comparison with the shielding effectiveness (SE) measurement results. When performing tasks related to electromagnetic shielding, Board Level Shielding (BLS) is widely used for isolating electromagnetic interferences. A typically perfect Board Level Shielding (BLS) is deemed to have no apertures and it is fixed to the ground plate of the circuit board all round in order to reach maximum shielding effectiveness (SE). By introducing several apertures, we can be able to make the Board Level Shielding (BLS) lighter weight and increase its convenience. To evaluate the effect of the aperture size and the total number of apertures on the shielding effectiveness, several tests were performed in the lab and a number of apertures of different sizes and the results obtained were compared. The results are processed and used to plot the corresponding shielding effectiveness (SE) data using calculation tools based on the shielding theory. The IEEE standard 1597.1 demands that we use feature selective (FSV) to compare the level of agreement between the reference and the numerical results. In this method, the data sets are compared by decomposing them into two parts: This approach involves taking the overlapping portion of the two datasets and interpolating them so that they share a coincident x axis location. A Fourier transformation is then used to transform this data. The two data sets are low (DC), band (L0) and high pass (Hi) filtered. The six elements are then inversely transformed. Comparing the trend data gives the Amplitude Difference Measure (ADM). Shielding effectiveness of an aperture

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Race Essays -- essays research papers

Although I was able to witness many different examples of inequalities in most of my daily encounters, a situation occurred that has had the ability to overshadow all of my other observations. While at work, I was able to have a conversation with a co-worker about her father’s recent loss of a job promotion. What makes this situation, such a powerful example of the force of stratification is more that just the conversation that took place but also in the context in which I had it and regrettably in my response to the conversation. I am still unclear as how our discussion began, but none the less, a co-worker, Sally and I engaged in a conversation that focused on why her father, a military Chaplain was â€Å"passed up† for a recent promotion. During my conversation with Sally, she brought up that her father had been recently â€Å"passed up† for a promotion in the Armed Forces because of racial discrimination. I was not overly shocked that Sally would say something of this nature to me, given our background of hearty debates. Intrigued, I asked Sally to explain what she meant by â€Å"passed up† because of racial discrimination. Sally proceeded to explain to me that her father had been â€Å"overlooked† at his last promotion to help fill racial quotas in the military. Sally continued her explanation, stating that her father and his loss of a promotion was a direct result of Affirmative Action. She furthered her explanation that as the population of the military becomes more diverse, in her word...

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Measurement of Time Spent Communicating Essay

The amount of time we spend communicating is outstanding. There have been multiple studies to find the actual amount of our waking lives spent communicating, and the percentage of time we spend in each division of communication. The article, â€Å"Measurement of Time Spent Communicating,† is the result of a communication study of employees of a research and development laboratory. The study was based on two techniques: direct observation, and questionnaires. How much time do people spend communicating at work? How much time do people spend using machines at work? This useful information can help to improve the amount of work done in a certain amount of time. If people spend more time communicating to get a job done, then our communication skills possibly need improvement. The talking people do is related with their work output. The same goes for machinery; if we spend more time in person-machine interaction, improving machinery would be the main advance to improving jobs. People were observed at one instance in time in offices of one person to five people, some at supervisory levels, laboratories, hallways, and conference rooms. The observation data was divided into to groups’ time spent communicating, and time spent working with equipment. These categories were subdivided in different types of communication activities, including face-to-face communication, telephone communication, reading, and writing, and different types of equipment uses, including lab equipment, office machinery, and an other category. Pre-tests showed the three trained clerks could classify the behavior of the employees reliably. Sampling moments were random and unbiased, only avoiding break times and everyone’s lunch, and are correspondent to the entire working day. The questionnaires were placed at the desks of all the people in the sampling areas, offices, and laboratories. The questionnaires were pre-tested to make sure the wording was understood, and the ordering of questions didn’t change the results. The employees were to answer seven questions all percentages that should add up to 100% of the working week. The questionnaires that were returned and did not add up to between 90% and 110% were disregarded. 4,000 questionnaires were distributed, and 2626, or 66%, were returned and usable. Overall, the common results of the observations and questionnaires were recognizable. The observation method is more accurate, and unbiased, so the main differences in the two sets of data are explained by people underestimating the time they spend communicating face-to-face, and overestimating the time they spend reading and writing. The questionnaire and observed data representing how much time is spent speaking on the telephone, working with lab equipment and office machinery, and other were relatively the same. Another observation is that the amount of time spent communicating depends on how many people are in the office. The fewer people, the more communication went on. This could be due to the fact that many one or two person offices were supervisory level, and therefore had to communicate to employees more often. All offices engaged in face-to-face communication more than in laboratories. Although, time spent working with equipment is only 13%, even though the research study population is a research and development laboratory. This leads us to the conclusion that communication with people, not equipment, is the center of activity for most professionals, administrators, clerks, secretaries and technicians.

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Opposing Viewpoints Machiavelli versus Erasmus Essay

Machiavelli led us to a question that was continuously in disagreement. That question was â€Å"Is it better to be loved than feared, or vice versa† (p.392)? Machiavelli thought that one is to be loved feared. Nevertheless, at the same time it’s tremendously hard to achieve being both loved feared. Machiavelli believed that if one had to do without one of them that it would be a safer to be feared than to be loved. For example if a ruler was more loved than feared then if you served their men’s interest were also devoted to them they would promise you their blood, possessions, lives, children until you needed help because once you needed help you were on our own. If you’re more feared than loved then when you’re in trouble your†¦show more content†¦Erasmus believed in many characteristics of a good prince, a living similarity of God, who is at once good powerful. The prince has great goodness, which encourages him want to help a ll; his power allows him to do that. A good price must hold the life of each individual person more cherished than his own. He’s to work strive each every day night so that he can be the best for everyone. He’s to give incentives to all ‘good’ men he may not seek recompensation. He must look out for the well-being at great risk to himself. He is to remember that all of his wealth is in the hands of his nation. He’s to always be alert on watch so that all of his people may sleep without the fear of being invaded. The prince may not grant vacation to himself because he’s to always devote his life to peace of his country. He must do everything including the whole kit caboodle as well as allowing everything that can possibly bring never-ending peace to his country. In today’s world, I would have to say that the perspective of Erasmus is more modern contemporary. Just by rereading over all the characteristics that Erasmus as well as Machiavelli wrote, Erasmus’s is more comparable to what a ruler is supposed to be like in today’s society. Even though there are a few things in Machiavelli’s story that are comparable to today’s rulers in society, Erasmus had more things that were comparable. It is extremely difficult to say which